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International Veneer & Timber is a family owned business that opened its doors in 2002, starting with just 2 employees.  Over the years, the business has developed a reputation in the forestry industry for delivering high quality veneer logs and providing impeccable service and professionalism throughout the exporting and documentation process.  This commitment to quality and customer service has allowed International Veneer & Timber to keep growing and providing more high quality logs to customers around the world.  In 2012, International Veneer & Timber expanded by opening a log yard in Wabeno, Wisconsin, which operates under the same principles and philosophies that has made International Veneer and Timber successful for more than 15 years.  IVT and IVT North now employs 15 highly skilled individuals that have multi-generations of experience in all aspects of the timber industry and we harvest and deliver more than 4,000,000 board feet of veneer logs per year, and ship 1200+ containers to customers worldwide.


Our goal is for our customers to know exactly what they are getting when they deal with us.

When dealing with both the Wisconsin and Missouri divisions of International Veneer & Timber, customers can expect to receive the same detailed inspection, specialized sorting, and consistency in receiving information throughout the shipping process.  Each log yard uses the same processes when it comes to handling and preparing logs, allowing quick and efficient shipment to their end destination.  Customers will be dealing with the same staff members in each log yard, each having an in-depth knowledge of the grades and qualities that are offered and which logs will be best suited to the customer’s individual needs.

Whether you wish to inspect logs at our yards, or have us ship them directly, you can be confident that we will get the job done.  We stand behind everything we do and satisfaction is guaranteed.