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International Veneer and Timber is headquartered in Frohna, Missouri, the heartland of the midwest region, and specializes in harvesting and delivering White oak, walnut and hickory logs.  With the addition of a second International Veneer and Timber facility in Forest County Wisconsin, we can also harvest and deliver some of the finest northern species such as red oak, hard maple, black ash, yellow birch, white ash, and bird’s eye and curly Maple.

We want you to have one thought when you hear the name International Veneer & Timber – QUALITY.  All aspects of our business, from procurement, to sales, to shipment, are conducted with our main focus on QUALITY.  Our company has earned an impeccable reputation  throughout the veneer and timber industry, and will always remain committed to excellence.  We serve customers around the world and look forward to building and maintaining a relationship with you.

International Veneer & Timber has been serving the world through the export of forest products since 2002.  Providing North American wood to the world is our sole dedication and commitment.

Our primary focus is on harvesting and delivering premium quality logs from the best growing regions of the United States.  Access to a supply of fine lumber and sliced veneers is also available. 

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1 week ago

IVT Logs

What a view of IVT North 🤩 ...

What a view of IVT North 🤩

2 weeks ago

IVT Logs

A load of red oak and maple veneer logs headed from WI to ITV, PA 🪓🚛 ...

A load of red oak and maple veneer logs headed from WI to ITV, PA 🪓🚛

3 weeks ago

IVT Logs

Luke Combs, Ford Motor Company and Gibson Guitar

As the owner of International Veneer & Timber I have dedicated my life’s work to the timber and logging industry. I would like to extend an offer and challenge to you all in support of all this nations beloved veterans and your Guitars 4 Vets partnership. I’d be honored to supply Gibson with the the material to build our veterans some of the finest fiddleback curly maple guitars. We specialize in the art of selecting and procuring the logs needed from the forests of northern Michigan and Wisconsin and can manufacture the needed material from these logs as well. It would truly be an honor to participate in such a patriotic journey!!!

Luke Combs Ford Motor Company Guitars For Vets - Richmond


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Great idea! When you say supply, does that mean you are donating the finish product to Gibson?

That’s awesome Tim!! 🇺🇸

Pretty awesome

Super cool!

That is awesome!

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